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Main activities

Search of the attractive objects for investment
in the business processes
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Investment in the production companies by means of attraction of the private capital read more
Consulting on
financial and
legal issues of any complexity
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Collection of information and preparation of analytical
materials about the investment
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A.Search of the attractive objects for investment in the business processes

The assessment of the project includes system of the technical and technological, organizational, settlement and financial and legal, purposefully prepared materials necessary for formation and the subsequent functioning of object of business activity.

Assessment of efficiency is carried out under the system of the following interconnected indicators:

  • net income
  • net discounted income, net present value
  • profitability index
  • payback period
  • internal revenue rate

The said system allows to receive the full information of the project, to weigh profitability of the investments made.

B.Investment in the production companies by means of attraction of the private capital

Production is one of the most short-term schemes of investment. It is determined by the fact that the made production is directly exchanged for money of the buyer, and it attracts the accelerated receiving of the profit. Thus, the turn of the capital of production is a high speed. All this makes the production one of the most attractive spheres of investment.

Our company proposes two schemes of introduction of the capital to production:

  • Share investment in the manufacturing enterprise.
    Some investors-partners invest in manufacture of the certain production. Respectively, the dividends received are divided between the investors on the percentage ratio.
  • Full investment in the manufacturing enterprise.
    There is only one full-fledged investor who will receive all dividends.

Our investment company provides the services to the private investors and group investors within investment in production. Our specialists have a wide experience in successful work in the sphere of investment in production. It determines the high quality of our work and gratitude of our Clients. We carry out an individual approach to each our Client.

Considering your opportunities and requirements, our specialists will develop a strategy ideally suited for you.
Our investment company will not only carefully explore the market of manufacturing enterprises, but also will analyse the competitive capacity of the enterprises chosen by you.

C.Consulting on financial and legal issues of any complexity

Within implementation of legal and financial consulting the MDIM company is engaged in rendering a wide range of consulting services in questions of administrative, legal, economic, financial and investment activity of the organizations, for optimization of the general functioning of the company, and also business by methods of legal regulation of these business processes.

Main goal of the company in the sphere of complex maintenance of activity of the organizations is transfer of separate functions of a business management and granting a complex of services in maintaining tax and accounting.

Financial consulting solves problems of an assessment of the current financial and economic activity, development of timely and effective measures for optimization of policy of the organization and economic improvement.

Charging maintaining the financial documentation, the client finds an extra time and forces for development of the business. Thus cumulative costs of the organization of the maintenance of additional employees and auditors decrease.

D.Collection of information and preparation of analytical materials about the investment market

The analysis of the conjuncture and preparation of the forecasts of development of a situation in the financial and investment markets. Preparation of analytical materials about investment attractiveness of the countries and their certain regions, production associations and the companies.

M.D.I.M. provides the services in the field of interaction with the investors, based on the unique sources of information and on the experience in the practical work. Our services allow the Clients:

  • to understand the expectations of the investors in the equity markets and the debt capital
  • to receive a response about activity of the company and its business from investment community
  • to improve distribution of corporate information for the current and potential investors
  • to create a database of contacts of the investors, analysts and other participants of the market for the organization of the interaction with investors